John Pedrie jdpedrie Detroit Quo vadis, Domine?

firebase/php-jwt 7933

PHP package for JWT

jdpedrie/angularjs-ordinal-filter 51

Ordinal Number filter for Angular

jdpedrie/angularjs-camelCase-to-human-filter 30

Angular filter to convert camelCase strings to human readable strings

callmehiphop/backend 11

No API? No problem!

jdpedrie/es7-decorator-types 8

Experimenting with runtime type checking using ES7 Decorators

jdpedrie/charles 6

Charles: In charge of your example code

dwsupplee/gcloud-php 1

Google Cloud Client Library for PHP

info-com/zenya-api-docs 1

Documentation for the eContext API

info-com/econtext-auth 0

Authentication API for eContext


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issue commentprincjef/gomarkdoc

Add option to append to existing output files if non-API documentation content exists

Hey @princjef, thanks for the reply!

I think your suggestion makes sense in cases where a file which would be modified already exists. For instance, a package with a file should probably specify the embed location. Perhaps that, combined with creating new files when an existing one does not exist, would be a good solution?

In my project (a fairly large monorepo), for instance, we have a number of packages which do not have READMEs.


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issue commentglenn-brown/golang-pkg-pcre

Homebrew install pcre don't work

$ sudo ln -s /opt/homebrew/include /usr/local/include

This worked for me.


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issue openedrangav/thunder-client-support

Import from Postman not available?

I installed the plugin this morning, and have been trying to figure out how to import my Postman collections.

The README references, which apparently no longer exists. I found the utility to import cURL, but nothing regarding postman.

Am I missing something?

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issue openedprincjef/gomarkdoc

Add option to append to existing files

Hi, first of all I love this project. I'm super excited to find a godoc style generator that works for private projects.

I integrated the generator into my project for work, but found that outputting to would clobber any existing README data, so the initial solution is to send output to a separate file: gomarkdoc --output '{{.Dir}}/' ./....

This works fine, but visibility is lower. I'd love for this tool to detect an existing file, and append documentation to the end, rather than overriding the existing content. Ideally it could detect the comment at the start of the generated documentation, split the file contents, and replace the existing documentation on regeneration.

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issue commentneo4j/neo4j

Cursor based pagination with SKIP in Cypher

Any update @mnd999?


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