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Jordan Danford jdanford Tucson, AZ Working to build a kinder, weirder, more functional future

jdanford/btm 2

A virtual machine and toolchain for a MIPS-like architecture based on balanced ternary arithmetic

jdanford/glyphs 2

A two-dimensional pictorial language in the browser, sort of like Befunge but prettier

jdanford/alarm 0

ALARM: the new SOS memory allocation library

jdanford/assemblyscript 0

Definitely not a TypeScript to WebAssembly compiler 🚀

jdanford/awesome-coins 0

₿ A guide (for humans!) to cryto-currencies and their algos.

jdanford/blog_os 0

Writing an OS in Rust

jdanford/browserhtml 0

Experimental Servo browser built in HTML

jdanford/caprine 0

Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app

issue commentRustAudio/dasp

Incorrect feature name for `window` in `dasp`

@mitchmindtree – looks like this can finally be closed


comment created time in 2 months

delete branch jdanford/dasp

delete branch : fix-window-feature-name

delete time in 2 months

fork jdanford/lunatic

Lunatic is an Erlang inspired runtime for WebAssembly

fork in 2 months