jcwilk/chef_solo_deploy 28

Minimalist repo for installing and deploying to chef solo

ehq/genesis 6

mmo with expressjs and draft

jcwilk/auto-starbucks 5

A hack for not getting disconnected every 30 minutes from starbucks

howcast/mimetype-fu 2

get the mimetype of a file directly in Ruby

jcwilk/creative_algorithms_ga_example 2

Genetic Algorithm example borrowed from Jason Brownlee's eBook, Clever Algorithms

jcwilk/go_board 2

javascript implementation of a go game recorder

jcwilk/anx 1

A 3D Pico-8 game about social anxiety

jcwilk/bitfields 1

n Booleans = 1 Integer, saves columns and migrations.

jcwilk/bueller 1

(maintained) A tool for crafting Ruby gems with the help of bundler

jcwilk/casrack_the_authenticator 1

CAS + Rack == happy authentication for the Corporate World