Joseph Constantakis jconst Farmington Hills, MI

jconst/JCDialPad 130

A customizable phone dial pad view similar to the iOS 7 Phone app's Keypad view.

jconst/JCModel 7

A simple set of classes for writing a model layer in iOS

jconst/Agoro 1

A collection of three fun, educational word games for iOS

jconst/BOZPongRefreshControl 1

A pull-down-to-refresh control for iOS that plays pong, originally created for the MHacks III iOS app

jconst/DubstepGenerator 1

A "random dubstep generator" made using Max/MSP

avimatt/urHarmonizer 0

Final Project for EECS 498

danyaal/CTFUnity 0

A 4-player capture the flag game built on Unity

fork jconst/munkres-js

Munkres (aka Hungarian) algorithm for JS

fork in 2 months