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HouzuoGuo/tiedot 2606

A rudimentary implementation of a basic document (NoSQL) database in Go

jbenet/bson-cpp 144

Standalone repository for mongodb's BSON C++ Implementation

AKASHAorg/Community 125


ipfs/go-dnslink 50

dnslink resolution in go-ipfs

ipfs-inactive/starlog 34

[ARCHIVED] [DEPRECATED] logging the development of an interplanetary filesystem

jbenet/asciinema-selfhost 27


ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-senc 19

Simple tarball encryption

dborzov/netvis 16

d3.js-based tool to visualize network communication for arbitrary protocols

colah/data 14

package manager for datasets

davidad/mesh 13

Software from scratch. An OS with the heart of a database.

issue commentfilecoin-project/FIPs

Support non-deal data in sectors (off-chain deals part 1)

  • economically, it's bad for the filecoin economy to have its block reward subsidize a deal market outside the filecoin economy. we should not support arbitrary data from external deal markets in CC sectors.
  • product wise, it's bad for the filecoin storage networks to have deals happening in storage markets it cannot see
  • instead, we should work to decrease the costs and burdens of doing deals in the filecoin storage market (and we are). gas costs are already down thanks to hyperdrive. larger-than-sector deals help as well. So will Neutron and similar proposals. Scaling/sharding will help a ton in the future.
  • also, it's worth noting that if miners want to do this right now, they can by doing one sector-size unverified self-deal. it's not very expensive in gas, and it's some small payments to the Filecoin Network for using the block reward subsidy outside the network.

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PR opened ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-hubot

No longer experimental

Protocol Labs has been relying on this hubot for ~3 years now. not really experimental anymore.

Warning: drive-by PR. i havent tested running this patch. it's possible it's broken. 🤷

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issue commentfilecoin-project/FIPs

Add the EVM and other VMs to Filecoin

There are many folks looking at this, and I hear many people want to build this before the end of 2021. I would love to see this happen, and would be very supportive of such a FIP.


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issue openedfilecoin-project/FIPs

Add the EVM and other VMs to Filecoin

Full smart contract capabilities will come to Filecoin, it has been in the plans since the beginning. Many people ask this, so i'm starting this issue to track the conversation. We should submit proper FIPs to add the capabilities.

  • Choice of VM was unclear. The choice of VM is an important question. Originally we wanted to use the EVM. Then, 2 or 3 years ago it it was not clear whether the EVM would become the main standard or whether other VMs (eg WASM or JS based VMs) would overtake it.
  • Many-VM approach. The approach i have recommended for the last few years is to enable support for the most important VMs in Filecoin (like a hypervisor), starting with the EVM.
  • Start with the EVM. It is very clear now that the EVM has become THE smart contracts standard. There are other very exciting contenders, but I think we should start by adding the EVM. This will connect well with all the Dapps that already use IPFS and Filecoin, as well as the vast majority of NFTs and Oracles.
  • JS and WASM later. Keep an eye on WASM and JS based VMs. Systems like Agoric are fleshing out their capabilities and could be very compelling smart contract systems for Filecoin.

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