Joshua McLean jayshoo Australia I hack on whatever feels right.

jayshoo/webjabber 2

A web-based xmpp (jabber) client using node.js, express,, node-xmpp and nginx

jayshoo/colonbot 1

A jabber bot to host several polling services and post updates in an XMPP conference.

jayshoo/nodecg-howto 1

Getting Started with NodeCG: a very opinionated guide

jayshoo/stonesense 1

A retro isometric visualizer for Dwarf Fortress

jayshoo/erre 0

Modern, performant and tiny (~0.5kb) streams script using generators for browsers and node.js

jayshoo/howsmycs 0

A simple stats/history monitoring service for League of Legends.

jayshoo/ksp 0

Kerbal Space Program Mission Plotter

jayshoo/nodecg 0

Create broadcast graphics using Node.js and a browser