ampproject/amp-wp 1556

Enable AMP on your WordPress site, the WordPress way.

jasti/amp-ads-testing 21

This projects tests the amp-ad builtin from the amphtml project.

jasti/CrossfitScraper 9

A Python parser that iteratively scrapes the WODs on since 2002 and saves them to a tab separated file. Uses BeautifulSoup and Pandas.

jasti/CrossfitAnalyser 1

An IPython Notebook that describes this blog post @ Website

jasti/crossparser 1

A parser that scrapes the website for workouts. The eventual goal is to extract intelligent analytics and perform trend analysis

jasti/pattern 1

Web mining module for Python

alannawalton/AMP-READINESS-Chrome-Extension 0

A helpful tool for the sales team to determine if sites are AMP ready.

jasti/amazon-kinesis-client 0

Client library for Amazon Kinesis

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Vamsee Jasti

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Vamsee Jasti

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Smoothie recipe

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Vamsee Jasti

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