Jason Kriss jasonkriss Santa Monica, CA Independent Data Science Consultant

ragnarpeterson/ember-infinite-scroll 19

Infinite scroll for your Ember app

ragnarpeterson/ember-cli-intercom 10

ember addon to easily add Intercom to your app

ragnarpeterson/ember-float-label 10

Animated float labels for your Ember app

ragnarpeterson/contacts-client 6

Ember code for Ember App Kit example

ragnarpeterson/ember-button-select 6

A button select component for your ember app

ragnarpeterson/ember-auth-engine 4

A simple auth addon for your Ember app

ragnarpeterson/ember-braintree 4

Braintree's Drop-In Payment UI as an Ember component

ragnarpeterson/ember-facebook-pixel 3

A simple addon to include facebook pixel in your Ember app

ragnarpeterson/ember-file-drop 3

A drag-and-droppable file input for your Ember app

ragnarpeterson/ember-flash-message 2

Super simple flash messages for your Ember app