square/crossfilter 6209

Fast n-dimensional filtering and grouping of records.

topojson/topojson 4226

An extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology! 🌐

jasondavies/d3-cloud 3482

Create word clouds in JavaScript.

jasondavies/science.js 870

Scientific and statistical computing in JavaScript.

jasondavies/bloomfilter.js 739

JavaScript bloom filter using FNV for fast hashing

ergoplatform/ergo 366

Ergo protocol description & reference client implementation

jasondavies/d3-parsets 157

An interactive parallel sets visualisation for D3.js.

jasondavies/conrec.js 128

JavaScript implementation of CONREC contouring algorithm

noloader/SHA-Intrinsics 123

SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 compression functions using Intel, ARMv8 and Power8 SHA intrinsics

jasondavies/newick.js 45

JavaScript Newick format parser

issue openedMinaProtocol/docs

Docker instructions for mina-generate-keypair don't work

I think it should be minaprotocol/generate-keypair instead of minaprotocol/mina-generate-keypair, and -privkey-path (single dash) instead of --privkey-path.

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