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Jaques Dias jaquesdias riskmethods Munich, Germany

jaquesdias/chatwoot 0

Opensource alternative to Intercom, Drift, Zendesk, FreshChat

jaquesdias/code 0

:book: C.O.D.E - Controle de ocorrências e desempenho escolar

jaquesdias/coursemology2 0

Rails 5 re-write of Coursemology

jaquesdias/doctor 0

Doctor is a documentation server for your docs in github

jaquesdias/dojo-onde 0

Projeto para disseminar a cultura de coding dojos.

jaquesdias/dojos 0

Dojos in ruby using tests with rspec

jaquesdias/EBWiki 0

repository of police abuse cases against people of color

jaquesdias/gurupr 0

Site do Grupo de Usuários Ruby do Paraná

jaquesdias/hr-advertise-jobs 0

Rails app that provides HR department to advertise jobs