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janselv/fave-button 1382

FaveButton is an iOS cute animated like button written in Swift.

janselv/smooth-gradient 59

Swift CGGradient extension to smooth gradients into a gentler transition

janselv/paintcode-path-scale 32

Center and resize UIBezierPath generated by PaintCode App

janselv/cache-clean-dsl 1

Simple groovy clean operation DSL for doc cache persisted in ElasticSearch

janselv/cifs-apk-deployer 1

Naive android APK deployer that works on a series os PCs connected in network

janselv/reference-pool 1

Lightweight Java resource pool that reclaim by itself unused resources

janselv/template-matcher 1

Template loader for apache StrSubstitutor that evict LRU templates in a certain interval

janselv/android-vision 0

Deprecated: The Mobile Vision API is now a part of ML Kit: Check out this repo:

janselv/bloc 0

A predictable state management library that helps implement the BLoC design pattern

janselv/llvm-pass-skeleton 0

example LLVM pass

issue openedbraze-inc/braze-docs

Outdated AndroidX documentation page

Target page: androidx_integration/#braze-androidx-module

I think that the instructions on this page are a bit misleading. It state that ui-x is available from 3.0.0 but it seems that support was dropped for further versions. e.g When you try to apply ui-x dependency with v15+, dependency resolution fails and when you browse android-sdk-ui-x directory, the latest version there is 6+.

I think the page needs to be updated.

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