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Jan Brouwer janbrouwer Netherlands

Azure/opendigitaltwins-building 73

Open Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) RealEstateCore Ontology

buildingSMART/ifcJSON 45

Repository containing the specification for IFC.JSON

janbrouwer/BIMserverRubyAPI 5

Ruby API for BIMserver based on the JSON interface

janbrouwer/SKUI 1

Ruby wrapper of classes that maps to GUI controls in SketchUp's UI::WebDialogs

janbrouwer/IfcOpenShell 0

Open source IFC library and geometry engine

janbrouwer/layers2materials 0

SketchUp extension that sets the material for every face in the model based on the layer the face is on.

janbrouwer/ruby-c-extension-examples 0

Ruby C extension examples

janbrouwer/Sample-Test-Files 0

Sample files of various formats and schema versions for testing implementations

issue commentBIM-Tools/SketchUp-IFC-Manager

For IfcSpace Attribute Longname gets lost on import

The import function just calls the native Sketchup importer and does some clean up, of that ignores some properties than there is no way for me to figure out what they should have been. But if the native importer DOES import them properly than I should be able to fix it, but I'm afraid that's not the case


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