jamieson99 Security researcher, Co-founder at Userify

jamieson99/cloudadmins 14

Create SSH administrative accounts across your entire cloud for groups of administrators.

jamieson99/background.js 3

Pure javascript background processor

jamieson99/cloudinit-rhel 2

Cloud Init on RHEL

jamieson99/ansible-role-docker-debian 1

Ansible role to set up docker on Debian

jamieson99/awacs 1

Python library for AWS Access Policy Language creation

jamieson99/aws-cli 1

Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services

jamieson99/amazon-scraper-python 0

Non-official client to get some info about products sold on Amazon

jamieson99/arx 0

Bundles code and a job to run for local or remote execution.

jamieson99/autocomplete_on 0

chrome extension to turn on autocomplete

jamieson99/awesome-live-reloading 0

A curated collection of live-reloading tools and libraries associated with different languages and frameworks.