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Jonas Adler jadlr toy rocket science GmbH @trsc Berlin, Germany

jadlr/http4stryout 1

A sample application using http4s

jadlr/junit-formatter 1

A JUnit xml report exporter for Elixir's ExUnit

jadlr/talk-to-redis 1

akka stream tryout

jadlr/akka-stream-echo-server 0

An echo server written using akka-stream

jadlr/aufzug 0

haskell-servant experimentation

jadlr/cats-effect 0

The IO monad for Scala

jadlr/charts 0

Curated applications for Kubernetes

jadlr/circe 0

Yet another JSON library for Scala

jadlr/dataloader 0

DataLoader for Elixir

jadlr/documentation 0

All documentation for Pivio.


started time in 22 days

issue commentabsinthe-graphql/dataloader

New release planned?

@benwilson512 any news on this? We're still running with our own fork.


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