Jad Bitar jadb @VarCI Montreal, QC Father. Husband. Co-founder @VarCI. Maintainer @ApiGen. Core @CakePHP. Creator @UseMuffin / @Gourmet.

CakeDC/Enum 27

Enumeration list for CakePHP 3

jadb/cakephp-markitup 11

[DEPRECATED] CakePHP markItUp! plugin

jadb/alfred-asana 3

Alfred extension for the Asana web application.

jadb/atom-phpunit-snippets 2 package to help you write PHPUnit tests.

jadb/cakephp-github 2

GitHub webservice plugin for CakePHP

jadb/awesome-app-ideas 1

List of awesome app ideas

jadb/cakephp-appletouch 1

CakePHP plugin to provide support for Safari on iOS by allowing some customization to the Apple Touch UI.

jadb/cakephp-httpsocketoauth 1

Extension to CakePHP HttpSocket class to support OAuth