Jisha Abubaker jabubake @Google Developer Relations @ Google

jabubake/google-auth-library-java 1

Open source Auth client library for Java

jabubake/google-cloud-java 1

Google Cloud Client Library for Java

jabubake/cloud-bigtable-client 0

Java libraries and HBase client extensions for accessing Google Cloud Bigtable

jabubake/cloud-bigtable-examples 0

Examples of how to use Cloud Bigtable both with GCE map/reduce as well as stand alone applications.

jabubake/embedmd 0

embedmd: embed code into markdown and keep everything in sync

jabubake/generator-jhipster 0

Open Source application generator for creating Spring Boot + Angular projects in seconds!

jabubake/java 0

PubNub Java-based APIs for core Java, Android

jabubake/nodejs-bigtable 0

Node.js client for Google Cloud Bigtable: Google's NoSQL Big Data database service.

jabubake/nodejs-spanner 0

Node.js client for Google Cloud Spanner: the world’s first fully managed relational database service to offer both strong consistency and horizontal scalability.