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bazaar-projects/old-kissfft 147


itdaniher/aarch64-tensorflow 14

tensorflow and bazel for aarch64: binaries at...

bazaar-projects/github-backup 5

A Python script that can continuously back up all your GitHub repos

itdaniher/ahkab-notebook 2

experiments with symbolic circuit manipulation

itdaniher/auv-controller 2

Tail section controller for Olin's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, formally known as Remus.

itdaniher/bash-scripts-old 2

This repository contains an assortment of scripts I wrote between '07 and '09.

itdaniher/chirpz 2

Experiments implementing and using the chirp-z transform.

bazaar-projects/darkhttpd 1

a minimalist deployment-ready HTTP server for serving static content

bazaar-projects/pyinotify-bazaar 1

Monitoring filesystems events with inotify on Linux.

epurdy/anarres 1

self-organizing logic circuits for the masses

PR opened humanprotocol/bugbounty

Small bugfixes
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create barnchitdaniher/bugbounty

branch : bugfixes

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pull request commenthumanprotocol/bugbounty

Add stub for pgp key, .well-known/security.txt, and draft vulnerability disclosure.

Further context at and


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PR opened humanprotocol/bugbounty

Add stub for pgp key, .well-known/security.txt, and draft vulnerability disclosure.

Adds draft vulnerability disclosure program including scope, expectations, financial compensation, and timeline. Includes stub for PGP keys and directs all reports to

Markdown content can be typeset by Human Protocol for publishing at

.well-known/security.txt should be signed by the encryption key published at .


Text of vuln disclosure derived from the USG template at

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push eventitdaniher/bugbounty


commit sha deef092931b520d5b421c2e11e141f9d2bb6bfa8

initial commit with security.txt, stub for pgp key, and vulnerability disclosure policy draft derived from

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fork itdaniher/bugbounty

Our new Bug Bounty Program

fork in 2 months

issue commenthumanprotocol/bugbounty

Help us create a bug bounty program

To which of the following domains will the bug bounty apply?


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