Ask questionsInstallation Problem: Add because on Windows, we can't install several yarn with the MSI installer

Which operating system are you using: Windows

Please describe the steps you took when trying to install Yarn and what went wrong: I use virtualenv for my packages, and I install yarn with yarn-1.21.1.msi in my virtualenv but .msi installer doesn't allow multiple installation (e.g: package1/virtualenv/yarn and package2/virtualenv/yarn can't be make with .msi) .

If I want to use local install (in virtualenv), I can't use the .msi installer to install yarn in multiple virtualenv folder. Can you add a .zip package ?


Answer questions Daniel15

I just added a latest.js redirect:

Although, I'd recommend hard-coding the version number so you always use the same one. You can use this URL:


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