Ask questionsKodi crashes on Android with 120Hz screen refresh rate

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Kodi freezes and then closes with 120Hz/90Hz refresh rate on Android <!--- Provide a more detailed introduction to the issue itself, and why you consider it to be a bug --> <!--- A bug report that is not clear will be closed --> <!--- Put your text below this line -->

Expected Behavior

<!--- Tell us what should happen --> <!--- Put your text below this line --> Kodi starts as usual, as with 60Hz screen refresh rate enabled.

Actual Behavior

<!--- Tell us what happens instead --> <!--- Put your text below this line --> Kodi starts, but after the loading screen it remains black for 0.5sec and then closes.

Possible Fix

<!--- Not obligatory, but suggest a fix or reason for the bug --> <!--- Put your text below this line --> Force it being run at 60Hz or make it compatible with 120Hz screens on Android.

To Reproduce

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  1. Set screen to 120Hz refresh rate
  2. start Kodi
  3. Kodi crashes


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Possible debug informations about the crash - as I can see - starts at line 356

Your Environment

Used Operating system: Android 9.0/Android 8.1 <!--- Include as many relevant details about the environment you experienced the bug in --> <!--- Put your text below this line. Checkboxes can easily be ticked once issue is created --> Used Hardware: Razer Phone 2 w/ 120Hz screen enabled.

  • Operating system version/name:
  • Kodi version: Stable release, various nightlies - latest 06 Apr 2019

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Answer questions blunden

On the OnePlus 7 Pro, it displays fine on first launch and then a black screen on any subsequent launches.

I tried changing the value of "videoscreen.whitelist" in guisettings.xml to "00312001440090.00000pstd,00312001440060.00000pstd" as well as the reverse in the hopes of whitelisting the 90 Hz resolution too but no luck. I also tried adding it as a resolution.

A kodi debug log from when it fails to display an image on the second launch:

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