Ask questions0.12.5 throws error while loading images over https but works with 0.13.0 Alpha

I am using wkhtmltopdf to print Interactive Google Map (created using Google Map JS API) to PDF. Also custom tiles are shown over google map using another locally built API. When such map is printed to PDF using wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5; we get few errors mentioned below but the pdf is still generated with partially loaded tiles over map. I have pasted some sample errors below.

But if I access the images using http (instead of https) with 0.12.5 OR using https with 0.13.0 (alpha) it works without any issue. Also when the map is loaded in any browser, there is no error as well. So what is the problem in using https with 0.12.5?

Error: Failed to load https://someURL?request=GetMap&format=image/png&bgcolor=0xFFFFFF&transparent=true&SRS=EPSG:3857&width=256&height=256&reaspect=false&layers=parcel_layer&styles=parcel_gray_style&bbox=-11721771.161588348,4869344.44987887,-11721159.665362068,4869955.9461051505, with network status code 2 and http status code 0 - Connection closed Error: Failed to load https://someURL?request=GetMap&format=image/png&bgcolor=0xFFFFFF&transparent=true&SRS=EPSG:3857&width=256&height=256&reaspect=false&layers=flood&styles=flood_new_style,flood_label_style&bbox=-11721771.161588348,4868732.953652587,-11721159.665362068,4869344.44987887, with network status code 99 and http status code 0 - Unknown error


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Same issue here, any solutions???

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