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With wkhtmltopdf.exe 32-bit XP version reading source HTML from standard input and writing output PDF into file I have "Error: Could not save image" (no matter which file name I have). Redirecting PDF through standart output ("- - >file.pdf") I have no errors but unreadable PDF file. (I tried -q and -n options). When I specify -f pdf option or try others (in case of standratd output) I also have got internal error.


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Any news about this problem? Got the same error on Windows 10 64bits, running powershell with both common user and admin privileges.

> wkhtmltoimage.exe --version
wkhtmltoimage 0.12.5 (with patched qt)

> wkhtmltoimage.exe google.pdf
Loading page (1/2)
Rendering (2/2)
Error: Could not save image
Exit with code 1, due to unknown error.
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