Ask questionsHow to resolve a require string within a custom webpack loader?

I'm writing a custom loader for webpack. Within my loader I've got a require string like this:


Is there a way to get the output of the resolved request?

I'm looking for the output of the module after all loaders have been applied. Or in other words:

How do I get the compiled css from the string above?

I tried to use this.resolve on the loader context:

this.resolve(this.context, "css!less!./myFile.less", function(err, result){
     // Best case scenario so far: 
     // result == "./myFile.less"

     // How do I get the css from myFile.less here? 
     // Is that even possible/the right way to get this?

But I can't seem to get the resolved output. I'm probably doing something wrong, the only documentation I've found about this function is here:

I also asked this question on StackOverflow but didn't get any views:


Answer questions mareksuscak

@mnpenner Whoa, it's a 3-year-old comment but as far as I remember, I did although I did not write my own loader in the end. I used string-replace-loader instead which was all I needed.


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