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Let me start by saying that I have a successful implementation of a bootstrap, client.bootstrap and client application that can update itself and did so several times. So I have bootstrap application located in folder bootstrap that updates the client.bootstrap application located in folder client.bootstrap that updates the client located in folder client

Now I am trying to solve the last problem: updating the bootstrap. So, the client.boostrap will now not only try to update the client, but also the bootstrap. I get AccessDeniedException when it tries to overwrite the booststrap.jar. I checked and there is no processes locking the file, so it must be a restriction in the virtual machine.

All 3 applications are running in separate processes, as I always start a new java virtual machine.

Question: Have you implemented any kind of access restriction within the update4j library that could cause this exception? I am a bit lost at the moment.


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Thank you!


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