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Karl and I talked earlier and I was saying how it seems like a lot of people are duplicating the effort of scraping all sorts of tech conference lists and normalizing them.

He pointed out that CallingAllPapers, with the lovely @heiglandreas, does this. I had forgotten until he said that, but we actually recently updated Symposium to pull our data from CallingAllPapers instead of

I'm wondering--since Andreas is a friend, and his project is open source, would it be possible for us to imagine a suite of modifications that we could make to callingallpapers that Andreas likes that would make it function as the single source of truth for all of our platforms?

And, also, as always, can we at Symposium help any of y'all in any way? Also going to tag @timothep.

Just to note this publicly:

We've constantly seen folks try to enter the space of targeting speakers, CFP software, direct competition to Symposium, etc. and we just sort of go "hey, if you're passionate about this, go for it!" Symposium is a small labor of love and I know it's never going to be monetized. So I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I'm also happy to be a part of the solution to everyone's needs, if such a thing exists, and I'd be happy to work with Andreas on updates to his project, if he's interested and we find it could be helpful to all of us.


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