Ask questionsDoes the Referrers List card work?

I noticed that the class the card extends had the wrong casing and made PR #16 for it.

I then still had an issue I haven't yet solved with the card being blank when I have referrals in Google Analytics so I don't think it's the data source.

In my cards array:

use Tightenco\NovaGoogleAnalytics\PageViewsMetric as AnalyticsPageViews;
use Tightenco\NovaGoogleAnalytics\VisitorsMetric as AnalyticsVisitors;
use Tightenco\NovaGoogleAnalytics\MostVisitedPagesCard as AnalyticsTopPages;
use Tightenco\NovaGoogleAnalytics\ReferrersList as AnalyticsTopReferrers;

    protected function cards()
        return [
            new AnalyticsPageViews,
            new AnalyticsVisitors,
            new AnalyticsTopPages,
            new AnalyticsTopReferrers,
            new ProductClicks,


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Hm. Let me take a look at whether I wrote that or whether someone else wrote it.


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