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Describe the current behavior At Dataset graph branching points, the node, which is the root of the branching is resampled for each branch during one round of execution. With non-randomized inputs to the Dataset, this does not cause any problems. If the root node is after a .shuffle() call, the branches will receive different inputs in the same computation round.

Describe the expected behavior Downstream branches should receive the same data even if shuffle() is applied.

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This behaviour is also present if the dataset is created from a generator, which handles the shuffling implicitly.

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Hi @csxeba,

This is working as intended. Datasets can be much larger than the memory of a single machine, so Dataset objects act like blueprints for how to produce data (instead of trying to hold the entire dataset at once). Datasets provide a streaming API for consuming data through an iterator. If you want each iterator created on a shuffled dataset to produce elements in the same order, use the reshuffle_each_iteration argument to Datasest.shuffle:

index = index.shuffle(buffer_size=len(self.index), reshuffle_each_iteration=False)

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