Ask questionsTensorflow 2.0 error when used via pyinstaller build - ImportError: cannot import name 'pywrap_tensorflow' from 'tensorflow_core.python'

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System information

  • OS Platform and Distribution (e.g., Linux Ubuntu 16.04): Windows 10
  • Mobile device (e.g. iPhone 8, Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy) if the issue happens on mobile device:
  • TensorFlow installed from (source or binary): binary
  • TensorFlow version: 2.0
  • Python version: 3.7
  • Installed using virtualenv? pip? conda?: pip
  • Bazel version (if compiling from source):
  • GCC/Compiler version (if compiling from source):
  • CUDA/cuDNN version:
  • GPU model and memory:

Describe the problem This has happened after upgrade to Tensorflow 2.0 .

On executing the EXE file generated by Pyinstaller for Tensorflow 2.0, we get the following error:

'ImportError: cannot import name 'pywrap_tensorflow' from 'tensorflow_core.python'

The scripts work okay in PyCharm or Jupyter. The same version of scripts when run under Tensorflow 1.x execute correctly

Provide the exact sequence of commands / steps that you executed before running into the problem

  1. upgraded tensorflow to 2.0
  2. Adjusted python code to accommodate module dependence from Keras to tf.keras
  3. Build exe --onefile via pyinstaller
  4. on execution of exe get the following error "ImportError: cannot import name 'pywrap_tensorflow' from 'tensorflow_core.python' "

Any other info / logs Include any logs or source code that would be helpful to diagnose the problem. If including tracebacks, please include the full traceback. Large logs and files should be attached.


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@anilkdas , Can you please refer this link of similar issue ?Thanks!


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