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I am getting the following error message while running the following code using the nightly version of tensorflow 1.14.1-dev20190524. When will this feature be available?

Code: weights = tf.ones([3,3,1,3]) X = tf.ones([3,1024,1024,3]) Y = tf.nn.conv2d(X, weights, [1, 1, 1, 1], "VALID")

Error: UnimplementedError: Generic conv implementation does not support grouped convolutions for now. [[node Conv2D_4 (defined at <ipython-input-13-3298cb87493e>:4) ]]


Answer questions reedwm

Grouped convolutions are currently only supported on GPUs, not CPUs. You are using a grouped convolution because the input channel dimension of 3 (X.shape[3]) does not match the filter in-depth dimension of 1 (weights.shape[2]). @chsigg, any idea when support is coming for CPUs?

Also the error message is a bit unclear. I'll fix the error message.

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