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This is motivated by the fact I get output like the following in the LaTeX Compiler log window in VSCode:

Writing /Users/alex/Documents/A filename with spaces.tex (123 bytes)

and only /Users/alex/Documents/A gets highlighted as a filename. In any case, the general practice is to enclose filenames in console output as `/a/b/c`, I believe. This would solve the issue.

I don't know if it covers all cases, but the note_highlighted fn (second parameter) seems to be responsible for this sort of printing. The enclosing of filenames in backticks is probably best done at call-site however (using a helper function?).

While I'm writing this, a bonus would be comma-separating the number of bytes, e.g., 123,456,789 bytes -- or better yet, 123 MB (also kB and B of course). All for readability of course, since this is nitpicking!


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Thanks, glad to see this has been fixed!


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