Ask questionsIs it possible to use superpowered with the iOS13 style MPMediaPickerController?

Apple did some changes with their way to retrieve the "local" files that are in the apple music library. I am only referring to the once that are available on the local device, not streaming.

Is it possible to access those files' buffers and let superpowered run with them?


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Mh, when i try it (its a bit older version of superpowered) then I will get an


I am using SuperpoweredAdvancedAudioPlayer by the way.

The asset url looks like this

ipod-library://item/item.m4a?id=8956556064155754225 which should be fine. I have tested the example above, and the same asset url seems to work fine.

Was there a required update to your library? (I cant just update, still in evaluation phase. its a pretty old app)


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