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When building UI libraries you want to set good defaults but let consumers override if necessary. Which doesn't really work with the padding/margin currently. So there is no clear way of defining default values that works in all situations.

Eg here, as a consumer of the Box component I expect that I'll be able to overwrite the left padding.

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A better way to provide default values, using defaultProps isn't always enough. Currently I've created a wrapper around system, I wish something similar was available natively. The caveat with this solution is that it doesn't work with compose which is kind of a deal breaker.

export function system(config) {
  const parser = systemCore(config);
  parser.withDefaults = defaults => props => parser({ ...defaults, ...props });

  return parser;

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@bernatfortet I ended up forking styled-system and added withDefaults on the parser, I can create a gist of the entire source if you'd like


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