Ask questionsWrong value range for string type as QUERY parameter

    in = QUERY, style = SIMPLE, name = "title", description = "Search for a title with a left and right wildcard"

consumed in the controller as

final @RequestParam(name = "title", required = false) String title,

with the openAPI description

      - name: "title"
        in: "query"
        description: "Search for a title with a left and right wildcard"
        required: false
        style: "simple"
          type: "string"
Search for a title with a left and right wildcard

Comma Separated Values

There is no reason it should be an Comma Separated Values right?


Answer questions philsturgeon

If you look at Style Values you will see those style values only apply to particular types. Primitive is shorthand for string, integer, bool, and if you see next to simple I’d say array. This means an array should actually be treated like a string, which in OAS3.x means CSV yeah.

I don’t really consider this a bug but we could harden against this unexpected usage. I’m not sure why type: string would be defined with simple, it doesn’t need it at all, but we should treat it like a noop.

Can we generally toughen our style logic to only apply it to types that the OAS spec defines as being relevant, and ignore any that are not relevant?

Bonus points if we can get spectral to point out irrelevant usage of styles too?

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On Jul 28, 2021, at 10:19, Eugen Mayer ***@***.***> wrote:

@mallachari thank you. your last part is exactly what needs to probably be discussed - right now with 'simple' you basically combine two different display methods of the same, which do not merge.

I understand that this is somewhat a miss-configuration, using simple and then defining the format manually.

I'm fine with both - let it be known I never was able to find for this case to understand that this is the cause. It was debugging, try and error, and reducing until I found the cause. So maybe it is me, or it is not as simple for others to back-trace the problem to this.

You guys decide :)

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