Ask questionsNo SQL messages shown in GUI (SOLVED resizing console's message widget)

Details for the issue

What did you do?

Launched any sql instruction (query or DML), either with correct syntax either purposely wrong

What did you expect to see?

In the lowest window widget, any SQL message feedback

What did you see instead?


Only a blank window, no feedback at all.

Useful extra information

DB4S v3.12.99 (Jun 12 2021) [built for x86_64-little_endian-llp64] on Windows 10 (10.0) (winnt/10.0.19041) [x86_64] using SQLite Version 3.35.5 and Qt 5.12.8


Answer questions chrisjlocke

I assume the SQL window has been 'minimised' - its height is so small that's it been hidden. You can 'drag it up' to make it visible. This textual explanation isn't that helpful, so here's a video which I hope explains it. Yell back if it does/doesn't.

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