Ask questionsdisk I/O error (RELEASE "RESTOREPOINT";)

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hit the Write Changes button (ctrl-s)

What did you expect to see?

button grayed out

What did you see instead?

error dialog: Error while saving the database file. This means that not all changes to the database were saved. You need to resolve the following error first.


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  • [ ] 3.11.2
  • [ ] 3.11.1
  • [ ] 3.10.1
  • [ x] Other: 3.12.99

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It just started happening in the last 10 days or so. The changes stick if the Save button on closing down the app.


Answer questions chrisjlocke

Also, you state "hit the Write Changes button" but what were you doing prior to this - in the database schema tab, or executing SQL in the 'execute sql' tab, etc?

It just started happening in the last 10 days or so

Is it reproducible? Do you know what triggers the error?

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