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Problem I want to solve: Only commit changes when there are real changes.

Issue I see: It seems simply copying a database results in dio thinking there were changes.

Notice these two databases (in terms of sha has) are identical, but with slightly different names:

$ sha256sum iso8601traffic.db ~/www/LasVegasMetroTraffic.db
f2a5928b53efdb7bba657e08c18e97cf5f669224cc755ebb4f8455ba5cb86312  iso8601traffic.db
f2a5928b53efdb7bba657e08c18e97cf5f669224cc755ebb4f8455ba5cb86312  /home/jungle/www/LasVegasMetroTraffic.db

I have a script that gets data, saves to a csv file, and then attemps to import into the first database, then will copy the database to a different location, with a different name.

The problem is, dio, thinks there's been changes to the latter database, when there are actually no changes at all to the first or second database. This means there were no records added, records deleted, or any modifications at all.

For instance, dio status reported a status change for copying iso8601traffic.db to LasVegasMetroTraffic.db, even though the sha hash didn't change before or after the copy.

As a result, this commit is blank:

Is there something I can do to have dio status only report on real changes?


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I'm working around this problem by periodically and randomly uploading the database. There's a chance there could be a blank database upload, but it's better than nearly every commit having no changes.


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