Ask questionsErrorPageFilter ignores REST response in case of Exception

I'm running a Spring Boot web app with Thymeleaf + Spring MVC with a mix of MVC and REST calls (from JS code). In a @ControllerAdvice I have the following exception handling code :

public @ResponseBody MyRestResponse handleMyRuntimeException(MyRuntimeException exception) {
    return new MyRestResponse("Some data I want to send back to the client.");

Running Spring Boot with Tomcat embedded container I receive a MyRestResponse object in my ajax failure handler as expected but when I deploy in standalone Tomcat the response is ignored as the ErrorPageFilter forward the exception info instead due to the following code in doFilter() :

if (status >= 400) {
    handleErrorStatus(request, response, status, wrapped.getMessage());

I went around the problem by writing directly the response to the output stream.

    @ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST)
    public void handleRuntimeException(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, RuntimeException exception) {
        try {
            jacksonMessageConverter.write(new MyRestResult(translateMessage(exception)), MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, new ServletServerHttpResponse(response));
            response.flushBuffer(); // Flush to commit the response
            } catch (IOException e) {

That solution is ok for me but I think that should be possible to return a @ResponseBody in case of an error happening during a REST call. I have also tried to return a ResponseEntity as suggested by @rstoyanchev here but still see the same issue.


Answer questions pariaSadatHosseiny

@pariaSadatHosseiny In a logback.xml or logback-spring.xml file. You could also configure it in using

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thank you for Your Answer .I have such kind of Error but i am thinking if use this code just i dont see the Exception in the Log but I dont Understand the Reason,isn't it?!

my Error Is here :

2019-07-14 22:40:33 99839 [qtp1599771323-21] ERROR o.s.b.context.web.ErrorPageFilter - Cannot forward to error page for request [/vendor/jQuery/jquery.js] as the response has already been committed. As a result, the response may have the wrong status code. If your application is running on WebSphere Application Server you may be able to resolve this problem by setting to false null at


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