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I seem to be missing something important. If I setup a mesh of hosts with all direct public IP addresses, it works fine. However, if I have a network with a light house(public IP), then all nodes behind NAT, they will not connect to each other. The lighthouse is able to communicate with all hosts, but hosts are not able to communicate with each other.

Watching the logs I see connections trying to be made to both the NAT public, and the private IPs.

I have enabled punchy and punch back, but does not seem to help.

Hope it is something simple?


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IMHO currently the best example of nat traversal is tailscale, they use a combination of STUN and ICE together with their encrypted relay (DERP).

Awesome... i will re-do the nebula setup get everything up and running again and help you debug if you want :). Even if we have a quarantine currently i'm sure i will get it to not working between two nodes.

btw... one additional nice feature of a relay would be possible support for http proxy (as many corps still use a proxy for internet access).

ps.: should i create an issue with the problem of ip collission i found with the presence of the docker network on mutliple nebula nodes and nebula listening on both nodes on the "same" address? i've "fixed" it partly through firewall rules and different nebula ports on each nodes, which might be an uncommon config for newcommers.


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