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I seem to be missing something important. If I setup a mesh of hosts with all direct public IP addresses, it works fine. However, if I have a network with a light house(public IP), then all nodes behind NAT, they will not connect to each other. The lighthouse is able to communicate with all hosts, but hosts are not able to communicate with each other.

Watching the logs I see connections trying to be made to both the NAT public, and the private IPs.

I have enabled punchy and punch back, but does not seem to help.

Hope it is something simple?


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We had similar problems getting nebula to work. It seems nebula just can't work with "normal" consumer setups (both sides behind NAT).

It's not only me but also 3 collegues that have tried it without success. The common error pattern was that all boxes can reach the lighthouse via nebula, but except if they are on the same network NO nebula node was able to reach any other nebula node (except the lighthouse). I've tested it for over 2 weeks from various different networks with my laptop and could not get a connection working to other nebula nodes other than the lighthouse a single time.

Maybe it would be a good idea to adept the readme, that nebula is more for a server use case, because for consumer it seems to not work for the main usecase.

Btw... I had the interesting problem for nebula that most of the machines nebula runs on have the same network (eg. docker or k8s network) which is also displayed in the lighthouse tables and as nebula runs on the host there is also a nebula running there, just the wrong one (it's speaking with himself). With the config problems mentioned in this thread that i also debugged through i just can't say if this was related to the initial connection problems.


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