Ask questions"web-sys: StatusCodeError: 403"

Describe the bug

  • The same situation of ; "VSCode crates extension could use an API that only returns a crate's versions"
    • See also: ; "Use local registry index for fetching versions"

To Reproduce

  1. Add web-sys dependency in the Cargo.toml, then it show ❗️ icon.
  2. Hover on ❗️, then show the error message popup.
features = ['Document', 'Element', 'HtmlElement', 'Node', 'Window', 'Headers', 'Request', 'RequestInit', 'RequestMode', 'Response']
version = "*"

Expected behavior It will be show 👍 icon and popup with version links.

Screenshots image

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows, Arch(WSL2)
  • Version crate-0.5.2

Additional context

  • crates.useLocalCargoIndex is true.

Answer questions serayuzgur

Thanks for the issue. It was a bug and will be fixed with the version 0.5.3.


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