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Depending on what happens behind the Login one might need a proper logging of the double opt in process (who registered when, who confirmed when at least). Would be great if the plugin could deliver this out of the box, maybe with a featureToggle. (thanks for the very useful tool though!)


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Hey @regniets ,

After some thinking, I'd suggest using a database, because:

  • often Log files are more temporary (i.e. moved off / deleted after a while), while a Database is very likely part of a regular, persistent backup.
  • We can make this part of the UserManagement Domain Model (with a DB table etc), but whether it is filled or not should IMHO be controlled by a new Setting, which defaults to off. IMHO this new table does not hurt, so it's OK to have it included here :)
  • Additionally, you can add a Signal at the right place, so if the persistence via Domain Model is not enough for some very specific use cases, one could hook into there and persist it "however and how revision safe one needs" :-)

What do you think?

All the best, and thanks for your work, Sebastian


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