Ask questionsrustc_metadata: Deduplicate code between `encode_info_for_item` and `encode_info_for_foreign_item`

The set of data to record for regular items and foreign items is pretty similar, but slightly different. When metadata encoding is done independently for them, issues like arise.

encode_info_for_trait_item and encode_info_for_impl_item are also similar, and also slightly different (all in different directions), so they may be included into the refactoring as well.






Answer questions petrochenkov


Does the order of record!s matter?

No, it shouldn't matter. (And if it does you'll get test suit failures anyway.)

What is the difference between tcx.def_span() and item.span?

For functions def_span returns the span of its header, not the whole function with body, for other items it will return item.span. def_span is preferable by default.


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