Ask questionsunused_unsafe: stop interpreting `unsafe fn`s as unsafe contexts

In other words, the following will result in a lint being emitted today:

unsafe fn _bar() {}

unsafe fn _foo() {
    unsafe {


warning: unnecessary `unsafe` block
 --> src/
3 | unsafe fn _foo() {
  | ---------------- because it's nested under this `unsafe` fn
4 |     unsafe {
  |     ^^^^^^ unnecessary `unsafe` block
  = note: `#[warn(unused_unsafe)]` on by default

Based on the discussion in a recent language team meeting (see summary as outlined by @nikomatsakis in, we would like to stop emitting the lint in this case where we have unsafe operations inside an unsafe { ... } inside an unsafe fn (it's probably easiest to not emit the lint at all as opposed to emitting a different lint name, but this can be determined as part of the implementation).

cc @RalfJung @rust-lang/lang


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Answer questions eddyb

So looking at the code, it seems that the outermost active unsafe block (or unsafe fn) is used:

(NB: very confusing terminology around unpushed_unsafe, AFAICT it means "unsafe unrelated to {Push,Pop}Unsafe", and the latter is a hacky way to do allow_internal_unsafe, so we should rip it out sooner or later - but it shouldn't impact this issue, it's just confusing)

This are the possible values for Safety:

So when the "current safety" is Safety::FnUnsafe, it early-returns, instead of replacing it with the inner Safety::ExplicitUnsafe.

By making this change, I think we can get the desired lint effect (while unsafe fn still allowing unsafe operations outside of unsafe blocks):

- Safety::Safe => {}
+ Safety::Safe | Safety::FnUnsafe => {}

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