Ask questionsTabs created via createMaterialTopTabNavigator do not switch on click, but change when swiped

Current Behavior

  • When having a tab navigation using createMaterialTopTabNavigator() only the first interaction with one tab does switch the content and the tab indicator. Any followed click on any unselected tab does not change anything. Swiping the content does work.
  • Screencapture (sorry for the bad quality): reactnavigationtabissue

Expected Behavior

  • When clicking an inactive tab, the content changes and the indicator is adjusted accordingly.

How to reproduce

  • checkout the reproducable project:
  • make sure to have a correct setup of Android SDK stuff (like a proper configured inside the android-folder)
  • just run the example on the android emulator (or real-device, does not matter) via react-native run-android
  • click both tabs, the second click does not result in changing the content

I used a release-candidate version of React Native, this might probably something which I totally have overlooked, or something with the new RN/React version.

Your Environment

software version
react-navigation 3.3.2
react-native 0.59.RC2
node 10.2.1
yarn 1.13.0

Answer questions ScreamZ

GEtting the same issue now…


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