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Description The current standard Quarkus JVM Dockerfile (as of provided by is based on the image. Since this image does not include java and an updated microdnf, it always takes quite a while to build the first layers of this image. This is especially true for our CI builds, as they don't always have the previous layers cached (mutliple machines) and thus we have longer build times than needed.

Therefore, I would like to propose to provide something like a ubi-minimal-java:8.1-java11 or even a ubi-minimal-quarkus:8.1-quarkus1.5.2 image that includes everything of the standard JVM Dockerfile up until the actual application libraries are copied into the container.

Implementation ideas Automatically build a regularly updated version with the main part of the standard quarkus jvm Dockerfile (see below) and publish it on a docker repository.


ARG JAVA_PACKAGE=java-11-openjdk-headless


# Install java and the run-java script
# Also set up permissions for user `1001`
RUN microdnf install curl ca-certificates ${JAVA_PACKAGE} \
    && microdnf update \
    && microdnf clean all \
    && mkdir /deployments \
    && chown 1001 /deployments \
    && chmod "g+rwX" /deployments \
    && chown 1001:root /deployments \
    && curl${RUN_JAVA_VERSION}/run-java-sh-${RUN_JAVA_VERSION} -o /deployments/ \
    && chown 1001 /deployments/ \
    && chmod 540 /deployments/ \
    && echo "securerandom.source=file:/dev/urandom" >> /etc/alternatives/jre/lib/security/

# Configure the JAVA_OPTIONS, you can add -XshowSettings:vm to also display the heap size.
ENV JAVA_OPTIONS=" -Djava.util.logging.manager=org.jboss.logmanager.LogManager"

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AFAIK, this is something that RHEL/OpenJDK is planing. In theory, we could potentially package and publish a Quarkus Runtime Java image on Quay, but it would be a huge maintenance effort. So we might be better of waiting for RHEL to publish such an image.


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