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Even though #649 was closed, there still remains several issues related to conditional imports. This issue is a top-level issue for these.

Related, more specific issues:

  • #591
  • #1107
  • #1153
  • #1026

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@JukkaL While introducing mypy to the CI for the Twisted codebase, I ran into this problem which is similar to the examples mentioned in this issue, similar to the one brought up by @ethanhs:

What is the way to deal with this:

    from foo import A
except ImportError:
    A = None

Is there something that needs to be fixed in mypy? For now, I just put:

A = None # type:ignore

to turn off mypy errors on that line. As much as possible, I want to avoid turning off mypy like that.

The other option is to follow the example mentioned by @cjerdonek here:

and do:

   from foo import A as _A
except ImportError:
   A = None
   A = _A

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