Ask questions[Policy API] support parking fees by duration

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Some cities have implemented fees where the rate varies by how long the vehicle is parked. This is to encourage operators to move vehicles.

Describe the solution you'd like

Proposals for extending MDS Policy API -

  • add new field for rate_duration, similar to what's in CurbLR for payments
  • allow for arrays in rate_amount and rate_duration so we don't have to create new rules to accommodate the different rates by duration

Is this a breaking change

No? Because this concept doesn't currently exist in Policy so this would be additive.

Impacted Spec

For which spec is this feature being requested?

  • policy

Describe alternatives you've considered

No other viable alternatives.

Additional context

See Omaha's permit, Exhibit B


Answer questions jean-populus

@karcass suggested a possible solution in #632 but after speaking with my engineers they don't think it's very clear that this is a duration based policy. I would prefer to include rate_duration instead of trying to bend the current fields. Using the current fields in a way that they weren't intended requires a lot of familiarity with the Policy API to understand.


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