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We have added async iterators to stream a quite successfully! It's time to think of what's missing.

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Answer questions apapirovski

I feel like something like this works reasonably well, whether you care about errors or not:

Writable.prototype.write[promisify.custom] = () =>
  function promisifiedWrite(chunk, encoding) {
    let syncErr;
    const needDrain = !this.write(chunk, encoding, (err) => {
      syncErr = err

    const stream = this;
    return {
      then() {
        if (syncErr) {
          throw syncErr;

        if (needDrain) {
          return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            stream.once('error', reject);
            stream.once('drain', () => {

Wouldn't leave it as a promisified function though, ideally it's first-class.


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