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In sodium-native we have a special malloc that allows you to allocated a mmap'ed buffer with special flags that provide extra protection. The signature is sodium_malloc(bytes) where bytes can be up to 0xffffffff. Until Node 14 napi_get_value_uint32 would fail for numbers outside this range (eg. -1 or Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER) but for Node 14 our tests now fail with varying errors on different operating system. My guess is that in Node 14, this wraps around, but it is unspecified by the napi docs whether wrap around does happen, so we might have relied on undefined behaviour.

Here is our failing tests:

Here is the macro we use to read a uint32_t from a Number:


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@emilbayes I checked all the way back to v10.x and napi_get_value_uint32() of -1 always returns 0xffffffff.


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