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Extracted from modules-agenda labelled issues and pull requests from the nodejs org prior to the meeting.


  • module: resolve self-references #29327


  • Lets document the current state of Modules in Node.js #402
  • Divergent specifier hazard #371
  • Conditional exports proposal #401
  • Script-based configuration files in "type": "module" packages #389
  • Loader Hooks #351
  • Proposal: Support loading package by own "name" #306


  • Modules team: @nodejs/modules



The agenda comes from issues labelled with modules-agenda across all of the repositories in the nodejs org. Please label any additional issues that should be on the agenda before the meeting starts.

Joining the meeting

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Answer questions reasonablytall

I'll be listening, but I'm not in a location where I can speak.

As an update for #351, there hasn't been notable progress except for nodejs/node#29752 which placed loaders behind their own experimental flag, decoupling them from unflagging esm.

To figure out some next steps, I would like to organize an off-band meeting. The design doc is in a decent state, and at the very least the current loader system should be changed to allow multiple loader composition and disallow in-loader module instantiation, as these present major changes to loader designers.

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