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<!-- Briefly describe the problem you are having in a few paragraphs. --> A infinite-loop with select has potential to be blocked at channel recv operation, which will cause a goroutine leak.

Steps to reproduce the issue: In TestCollectBatchMultilinePattern,a new goroutine been created Above loop will keep running and calling l.publishBatch

l.putLogEvents will be called


Since it is in test, the mock client is given. However, in test TestCollectBatchMultilinePattern, there is no action to close m.putLogEventsResult or notify PutLogEvents, so output := <-m.putLogEventsResult will be blocked. This will cause the goroutine created by go stream.collectBatch(d) deadlock.

Describe the results you received: A goroutine leak caused by blocked channel recv.

Describe the results you expected: Proper release goroutine.

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Only one message is sent to mockClient.putLogEventsResult in TestCollectBatchMultilinePattern() (

If the loop in function collectBatch() ( chooses ticker.C more than once, function PutLogEvents() ( will be called more than once.

At this time, the receiving operation on m.putLogEventsResult in function PutLogEvents() will block the child goroutine created by "go stream.collectBatch()" in TestCollectBatchMultilinePattern() forever.

Basically, a deadlock is triggered.

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